Thursday, January 29, 2009

Streaming How to for a Dreambox

Basic guide for setting up streaming with a Dream box for the peeps at DataCave by Cookie.

Tools and software needed:
Dreambox (DB)
Internet connection, ideally using a router
Dynamically updated IP address

VLC media player 0.8.5 > www.videolan.org
dreamView 0.1.4> http://usbhell.deephit.com/

Obtaining an Dynamic IP address (DNS)
For anyone to connect to your DB, you will need an address that will remain the same as ISP’s tend to lease numerical address’s and change these quite often.

Simply sign up to www.dyndns.org and create an account and then select services > create a DNS. Most routers will have a facility to update the DNS account, you need log in to your router’s set up page, enter the username, password, DNS address (eg the address you have created to update your IP address to whatever.kicks-ass.net) and that’s it. If the DNS is not updated when the IP changes the clients will not be able to connect.

Port Forward the port for the DB
For the DB to allow connections from the outside world, it will need to have the relevant ports forwarded through your router.

On you routers set up page, select port forwarding and forward ports 8080 (stream), 21 (ftp), 80 (http) through to the DB. My DB local address is, it’s preferable to make it static.

To test if you have set everything up OK, open IE and put the address http://whatever.kicks-ass.net and you should find the web control page appears (whatever.kicks-ass.net = your own DNS address). You should be prompted for the UN (root) and PW (dreambox). Also, try using your ftp program to connect to your DB using the DNS address if you have forwarded port 21. NOTE it is advisable to change the password as anyone with your server details can log in to the web page or ftp.

Install software on PC
It is important that the above software version numbers or greater are used.

1. Install VLC media player and ensure the ActiveX component is installed. VLC will be used for viewing the stream on remote computers and also for editing the ‘stream’ settings.

2. Make a directory and extract dreamView to it. dreamView connects to the Dream Box and downloads all of your channel bouquets. You simply click on the channel and it should appear on the screen. You can then choose to display, dump the stream or output the stream.

If you get a warning missing OCX files, they are available from the dreamView download page.

dreamView set up

1. Options > Preferences

Enter your DB local IP address, UN and PW. Leave ports as is.

Auto Soundtrack
1st = eng

2. Options > Update Channels

3. Options > Preferences > Stream Output String > Server Output (important bit, copy & paste the code below):
:sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp1v,vb=256,scale=0.5,acodec=mp3,ab=64,channels=1}:duplicate{dst=display,dst=std{access=http,mux=mpeg1,dst=}} :sout-all

The above code means (from left to right) stream output and transcode it in to a mpv1 video stream @ bitrate 265 kb/s, picture scaled to half original size, with mp3 audio stream @ 64 kb/s and just one channel (mono), play locally and stream using MPG1 encapsulation method to Select all elementary streams.

Should look like this:

Lastly file > save settings on exit = ticked

To alter theses settings, it is probably best to use VLC player. Select the channel you want to watch in dreamView and select Stream > Edit stream data.

Copy the stream address and paste it in to VLC player (file > open network stream), and then paste the address in to the HTTP URL box. Remove the UN, PW and @.

Then tick Stream/Save and you should be looking at the following screen, these are the settings as above:

To broadcast and view the stream
1. Start dreamView, and select the channel you want to stream.

2. Stream > Output > Server Output = ticked

3. Stream > Output > Start Output

You should now see a poorish quality picture playing in dreamView, and may pause quite a lot, don’t worry. This is normal. If you see a massive orange and white cone, click on the channel again on the left and pause for a few seconds, you may have to do this several times until the picture appears.

Open note pad and type in http://whatever.kicks-ass.net:8080 and save it as a .m3u file eg. Mystream.m3u. Right click it and associate it with VLC player.

Double click on the saved file and it should open VLC player and your stream should appear. You can send this file to your mate for viewing.

I can watch the stream on my mobile if I have a wireless network available.

You can tinker with settings to improve the quality of the picture and use different encapsulation methods to allow the stream to open with other viewers eg windows media player uses mmsh (I have never got to this work though, wmp gives codec errors).

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Monday, January 26, 2009

How to find your Dreambox PIN

If there is a PIN set on your dreambox and you've forgotten it you can find it using DCC (see DCC) o TuxCommander (also known as Tuxbox Commander). Most images have this plugin and it’s accessable via the plugins menu. If you don't have it you will need to install it.

Start DCC (see DCC) and go to FTP

Follow and go to:


and find a file called config.

View it and look for lines similar to these, but with hex values after the =


These are hex numbers.

Use your windows calculator in Scientific mode, click on Hex, enter the value in your file (last 4 numbers, not with the zeros in front of them), click Dec and that is your PIN.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to do a best LAN Comunication

I desire explain here a method to get a best LAN comunication in your dreambox 7020.

Do you need:
- welder of tin
- Two Condenser of tantalum 4.7 uF 35V.

Well, open your dreambox7020

To dismount the hard disk as you seen in this image

The following step, is dismont the modem. In the next image you can see the HOT ZONE where is located the condenser originaly (see a yellow arrow)

Well, replace the two condenser and see the polarity.

In this there is a participation of the 90/91 and 78/81 pines (micro chip AX88769)

you can see this Scheme (see datasheet AX88796)

You can see the finish result.

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Remote control dreambox

With this image, you can see the remote control dreambox key function.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

High definition TV

High Definition (HD Ready) Television uses the latest technology to bring clearer and sharper television pictures to your home. HD services are already on-air in some parts of the world and they are about to be launched in the UK.

To view HD you need a high definition display to show whether a particular display is ready for high definition broadcasts.

The news models of dreambox use the HD, but remember that HD Full (1080p) is best that HD Ready.

HDTV (high definition television) is the new standard in television technology which provides wide-screen picture quality similar to 35mm film along with compact disc (CD) sound quality.
HDTV is part of several standards incorporated in digital television or DTV. Basically, DTV is composed of three separate standards:

HDTV 1080 (1080 lines of resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio)

HDTV 720 (720 lines of resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio)

SDTV (480 lines of resolution, 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio)

United States major market television stations began transmitting DTV in the fall of 1998. The number of new DTV stations on the air is increasing every month. By the year 2008, all United States television stations will be converted to DTV

HDTV is the biggest breakthrough in broadcasting since color TV. It offers wider pictures with greater detail and the clarity of motion pictures. Compared to standard television (NTSC), the true HDTV image has twice the luminance definition - vertically and horizontally - and is twenty-five percent wider. Standard television aspect ratio is 4:3 (four units wide, three units high) - the HDTV aspect ratio is 16:9. The 16:9 ratio is much closer to the average wide-screen image shown in movie theaters. The biggest difference, and the greatest appeal of HDTV, is its clarity. True HDTV pictures are composed of 1080 active lines (1125 total) whereas current standard television pictures are composed of only 486 active lines (525 total). While it is possible to see the lines that make up standard television pictures, HDTV lines are not at all noticeable. The fine-grained HD picture contains five times more information than does the standard television picture and is accompanied by multi-channel, CD quality sound. The difference in video and sound quality is dramatic.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Dreambox hardware reset

To make a hardware reset, press all three buttons at the same time.

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Resetting to factory defaults

If you are flashed with a new image your dreambox with the dreamUp for example, you can resetting to factory defaults (flash erase).
Disconnect the mainspowercord form the dreambox and wait al least 30 seconds. Plug in the coax cable first, then the scartcable and all other cables. Turn on the TV and set it to AV. Plug in now the manispowercord. As soon as you see the Dream-Logo on the TV, press the channel-UP button at the front of the dreambox. Hold it down until you see "flash erase" inside the LCD and then release it. Your dreambox will be set to factory defaults.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Installing your first image

I always use dreamup for this connect the null modem cable to a com port on your pc then to the com port on the dreambox, untick the use network box at the top left of the page then click on connect, you will see the job status-progress bar fill up blue then it will ask you to turn the unit on saying connection prepared, at this stage plug the power cable into the unit.

Now you are ready to install your first image, but what I do is erase the firmware that’s already on the unit so click on erase, after about five minutes you will get a box come up on the screen with erased RESULT SUM =0

Now click on flash, you will get a browse option so tell this where the image is that you want to install i.e.: C:/mydocuments/ where ever the image is saved on your pc, select the image and press ok.

Now you will see the percentage bar start to fill on the job status progress, this takes about 15 minutes to complete. DO NOT remove the cable until you get a box come up with image installed RESULT SUM=0. after this you can unplug the mains and null cable from the unit.

Now your heart is racing to get it connected to the dish to see if it works.

Connect the lnb-scart-ethernet cable if you are using a router and the power cable last it may take a couple of minutes before you see any think on the screen.

The first thing you will see is a settings for your tv with PAL in it, press the green button on the remote to save this setting, now it will ask what language you want to set the box to, select your language then press ok, after this you will see starting common interface on the screen then the screen will change to satellite configuration with three options choose the option for what setup you have, once you have chosen your setup the screen will change if you have chosen a simple method you will see a bar with a satellite highlighted press ok on that and choose the satellite that your dish is point at and press ok, now you need automatic transponder scan, once you are on that select the satellite you want to scan press ok and it will find a valid transponder if it is a fixed dish, you will see a tick in the lock & sync and it will say a valid transponder as been found now press the green button on the remote to scan all the channels in.
If you have chosen the complex method you will see the next page saying many satellites via DISEqc rotor press the green button on the remote the next page you will see motor config untick the goto XX function then press the blue button on the remote this page is another motor config page on the left of the page you will see Mode: Satellite: Transponder: Direction: highlight the satellite bar then press ok on the remote, select a satellite for instance Hotbird and press ok then the transponder should already be highlighted press ok and select a strong transponder on Hotbird I use 11623/27500 V after you have selected the transponder press the down button on the remote to direction, now with the left & right arrow buttons on the remote you can nudge the dish east or west to that transponder, once you hit that transponder you will get an X in both lock & sync now press the green button on the remote to store that position in the motor settings, once you have pressed the green button you will come back to the same page again this time press the blue button on the remote transponder scan, select automatic transponder scan and press ok now you will see another page SNR AGC bars will be pretty full with a lock & sync and the top satellite will be highlighted scroll down to the satellite you have just had lock & sync on and press ok, it will say a valid transponder as been found now press the green button to scan in the channels.

The same procedure for other satellites.

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Dreambox Getting Started for New Users

First of all there are three pieces of software that you will need

This software is an essential piece of software if ever you crash your box you will need this to get it up and running again with a NULL MODEM CABLE. This software is used for the Dreambox500, 600, and so on.

This software is used to install an image onto your dreambox, after you have installed your first image with dreamup, once you have installed the image you can also back the image up with this software, this is handy if any think goes wrong with your unit you have a back up image that you can put back on.
Install other images on hard disk or Compact Flash memorie.

Dreambox Control Centre this software is used for putting cams onto your unit and editing files etc.

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